​Banu Güven Bridal Design Studio was launched in Istanbul in 2013 upon its eponymous designer Banu Güven’s unique vision for bridal fashion and decade-long experience in haute couture. Banu Güven began her designer career in 2003 while studying at the esteemed Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty in Istanbul. Until 2012, she designed avant-garde, demi, and haute couture collections, including gowns for international award-shows and red-carpet events, as well as bridal wear. She made her breakthrough when invited to present her own label collection at the Istanbul Wedding Expo where she broke the taboos, introducing colour to the traditionally achromatic, all-white bridal dress, and a distinguishing drapage technique enhancing fine fabric and its texture modality. The immense demand for her collection motivated her to produce more of the unique and exciting designs this new generation of brides wanted and she launched her own bridal design studio in 2013.

Banu Güven’s signature style is defined by a modern, sophisticated, and glamourous interpretation of the romantic. She enhances the elegance of the silhouette design via her unique drapage and fabric texture reconstruction techniques in finalizing her compositions, customizing the gown further for the bride’s body and soul. Her own journey as a woman paves the way to the conceptualization of new collections, each presenting an honest reflection on how one interacts with nature and their own existence. Banu Güven’s modern interpretation of the romantic style, her unique composition techniques, and the organic concept ideation process in her collections all make her designs stand out from other bridal designers.